Isobel breezed into the flower shop.

"You remember that photoshoot we did ages ago?" she asked.

"Of course," Zoe-- or was it Jenny?-- replied. "For a charity calendar,
wasn't it? Two of us and some strategically placed hydrangeas. Why do you

Isobel leaned forward confidentially. "Because would you believe the
Proprietor still hasn't got his entry sorted out? I was in the Round just
now. It was chaos. Adric and Harry were trying to paint a bikini on the
golem, Luna was ripping the film out of a camera she said she'd found in the
staff shower room, Dalek Caan was making suggestive remarks about

"I get the picture," Jenny, or Zoe, said. "I'm surprised you didn't offer
to help them out. It sounds like they could do with your expertise."

"I nearly did. But before I could the Proprietor asked Mel for help with
something called Photoshop. I think he wanted to put someone's face on
someone else's body. Anyway, no sooner had she gone in than she came running
out and threw up in the nearest dustbin. I made my excuses and left."

Zoe, or Jenny, nodded. "There are some things we're better off not

[ "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
This Time Round was created by Tyler Dion.
The charity calendar is the invention of BKWillis.
The flower shop was originated by Helen Fayle.

John Elliott

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