Won't You Be My Neighbour?

'Won't you change your mind?' Begged the Sixth Doctor.
'I have no desire to be your 'companion'.' Seven-of-Nine spat out the word 'companion' as if it were a disease, like love. 'You'll have to find someone else to replace Peri.'
'I'll give you all the spandex you could possibly want! Come inside and have a drink. The trans-dimensional bus isn't due for another two hours.'
Seven-of-Nine looked through the rain towards the drab exterior of This Time Round, and reluctantly agreed. There was nothing worse than sitting out in the rain in wet spandex. Especially when it started to shrink.

Seven, Meet The Crew

Seven once had a nightmare. Everyone who had been assimilated by her cube had rampaged, screaming, through her mind. 'This Time Round' was exactly like that nightmare.
'Welcome, worshiper, to the temple of the Gods!' simpered a waitress.
'Katrina, the UNIT lads are waiting for their drinks. See to them, hmm? And what would you like, young lady?' A white-haired gentleman asked.
Seven staggered, overwhelmed by the noise. 'Suggestions.' She demanded.
The old man flashed a crooked-toothed grin. 'Try 'Adric's Demise'. '
'Is it made from real Adrics?'
The old man glanced sideways before answering. 'Sometimes,' he confided, 'it is.'

Are You My Playmate, Seven?

Seven followed the old man's gaze. A young brown-haired woman was striding towards them, fast. The elderly gentleman busied himself off in the opposite direction.
'Doctor! I want a word with you!' shouted the girl. Behind her, a short black-haired man scampered off. The girl turned, shouting at the man's backside: 'You too, Doctor! You promised me a new friend! It's your fault Adric's stuck on the other side!'
Seven coughed. The girl turned, her eyes raking over Seven's spandex suit. Her eyes landed upon the drink in Seven's hand. 'Are you my new playmate?' she asked, beginning to smile.

Terribly Sorry About That or It's Safer To Wait In The Rain

A hand grabbed Seven's wrist, and she was dragged back into the rain. Behind her, the girl screamed: 'Doctor! You promised me!'
Outside, her attacker dropped her hand. 'Terribly sorry about that,' apologized the impish black-haired man she had seen earlier. 'I was afraid somebody might get hurt.'
Seven rubbed her wrist. 'What was that - thing?'
'Her name is Nyssa. I'm afraid it's all the Eighth Doctor's fault. He said he'd bring over a new girl this evening.' The man shook his shaggy head. 'Harry put a new drink on the menu just for her. It's called 'Sam Jones' Demise'.'