TTR: Genius and Geniality: The Subterfuge of Substitution (Drabble)

"What is the meaning of this?" Charles Dickens demanded, as Victoria
frogmarched him out of the Round.
"Poetic justice." Victoria smiled nastily. "Count Fosco's whole
masterplan depends on substituting two people who look very similar.
So I propose to do exactly the same thing to him."
Zoe shrugged. "Apparently this Count Fosco, whoever he is, has a
thing for clever brunettes. Victoria's going to use me as bait."
"But I do not resemble the Count in any respect," Dickens protested.
"Not the book version," Victoria said. "But then, if they'd followed
the book I wouldn't be doing this, would I?"

["Doctor Who" characters are owned by the BBC.
"The Woman in White" was written by Wilkie Collins. The 1997
television version was butchered^Wadapted by David Pirie.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.]

John Elliott