The Time the Stories Went Dark

The Second Annual Pro-Fun Troll Hoedown

The Coherent Edited version


  1. Arrival
  2. The party continues
  3. An uninvited guest
  4. Authorial Persona Manipulation
  5. A stranger on horseback
  6. Sailor Gallifrey held captive
  7. Emergency! - the Reset Button
  8. Is Kid Curry really guilty?
  9. In search of the Master
  10. The Circus Wagon on the plains of Titan Three
  11. The plot begins to come clear
  12. The search for Sailor Gallifrey
  13. Kid Curry demands an explanation
  14. Arrival at the Valeyard's cave
  15. A traitor in their midst
  16. The menagerie
  17. Kid Curry's origins
  18. The Sword of Authorial Freedom
  19. Return of the Odd Trio
  20. Confrontation with the Monitors
  21. The first victory
  22. Back in the TARDIS
  23. Locked memories begin to crack
  24. Kid Curry tells his story
  25. Off to the Circus!
  26. Trouble in Vortex City
  27. Imran has a sudden flash of insight
  28. Six gryphons
  29. Preparing for the Psychic Circus
  30. Preparing for the Psychic Circus (2)
  31. The Contessa makes contact
  32. The Gods of Ragnarok arrive
  33. Daibhid gets stage fright
  34. Harlequin and the Typo Gremlin
  35. Nyctolops on the high wire
  36. Cats and Dogs
  37. Blinded by Rage
  38. A challenge from the Gods of Ragnarok
  39. The Fortune Teller
  40. The charm reawakens
  41. Echoes of another Universe
  42. A Duel between the Doctors
  43. Undead Gladiators
  44. The Nth Doctor
  45. The Equine Magic of the Twelve Sweethearts
  46. Allie's collapse
  47. A ghastly chariot race
  48. Bokman and Zoe's magic act
  49. Kid Curry goes to find Allie's soul
  50. The Gods' magic act
  51. Escape from the Cave of Annwn
  52. Riding the outlaw trail
  53. Gordon's pantomime
  54. Interview with the Contessa
  55. Conclusion of the pantomime
  56. A hundred lost years
  57. Siren's sister
  58. Gordon's return
  59. Sailor Gallifrey goes missing
  60. The trapeze act
  61. The Taming of the Fiercesome Beast
  62. A judgement in the Underworld
  63. Sandra and Allie
  64. The Salamander
  65. Starting to fight back - the finale
  66. The song battle begins
  67. Victory conceded
  68. The Feather of Ma'at
  69. The Odd Trio vanish
  70. Dreams and other weirdness
  71. Deciphering the Tarot
  72. In the Glory
  73. Monsters
  74. In every ending is a beginning
  75. Loose ends
  76. A nice jar of home-cooked smoke
  77. Epilogue

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