Hare Raising Excitement
by Paul Shryer

The Doctor paused at the entrance to This Time Around. The
entire barroom was full of rabbits. He approached the bar which
Harry was tirelessly working to keep fur free and sat.

"Uh, Harry..." the Doctor began.

Harry replied without looking up, "It's the new series. What
with the debut right around the corner the plot bunnies are out
in force right now."

The Doctor turned, surveying the barroom, "I guess that explains
it then."

His gaze stopped on a spotted bunny in a booth, "But..."

Harry looked at the Doctor expectantly.

"The mini-lop in the corner with a switchblade?"

the Doc, Harry owned by BBC
Bun Bun owned by Pete Abrams
This Time Around concept by Tyler Dion
apologies all around.

Inspired by tpeej's LiveJournal icon