Hello, I Must Be Going (no challenge, TTR, 9th Dr., 8th Dr.)

Written for writers_choice.

Doctor Who © BBC.
"This Time Round" concept by Tyler Dion et. al.
[Permission granted to archive to ttrarchive.com.]


Several Doctors and companions had just watched "Rose" on the 'This Time Round' bar television. They gave the Ninth Doctor a warm round of applause.

The Ninth Doctor stood. "Thanks, everyone. But now, I'm off to regenerate. The next Doctor should be along shortly. I wouldn't want my actor to become type-cast."

The stunned crowd stared at the Ninth Doctor as he sauntered out the door. And then, most of the Doctors began to debate amongst himselves.

But the Eighth Doctor slumped over his drink. "I wish my actor could have had a chance to become type-cast," he muttered darkly.