[TTR, Drabble] Here We Go Again

"So," the Fourth Doctor said, sitting down next to Rose. "I hear
your fellow's calling it a day."
"Yeah." Rose stared moodily into her drink, and tried to ignore him.
It wasn't easy.
"No staying power, of course, these young chaps. You'll have to be
careful not to break that clone you ended up with."
"And so soon after that man Brand got himself ousted. You might
almost think your chap was hanging on until that happened." He grinned
toothily at Rose. "It is extraordinary, isn't it, how much trouble
someone can cause just by making prank telephone calls?"

[For the dw100 'oust' challenge.
This comes of watching Tom Baker's performance on /Have I Got News For
You/. And, of course, listening to /Dead Ringers/.
"Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.]

John Elliott