Daibhid Ceanaideach wrote:
: 'Twas on the 08 Sep 2007, that John Elliott
: did say:

:> Donald Sinden

: Ah yes. Possibly a larger ham than the Blessed One himself...

And I don't think he's ever been in TTR. Oh well, easily fixed.

TTR Drabble: Interrogators and Interchangeability

The man's face was very familiar to Polly, but the scarf and the
pennyfarthing badge numbered "2" less so.
"I'm sorry," she said. "But have you been in a Doctor Who
"I might have been. Surely there's a /Prisoner/ crossover
somewhere in which Number Two doesn't get any physical
description. Imagine that he's me. Come on, Colonel."
He strode past Polly, his companion in tow, before she could
react. The two sat down opposite the Ninth Doctor.
"We received your job application," said the Colonel. "And we
thought we'd start with an informal interview. So: Why did you

[ Number Two is played by Stephen Fry - a role which he performed in the
spoof 'The Laughing Prisoner'.

The Colonel is played by Donald Sinden, as in 'Many Happy Returns'.

And yes, I know that with a title like that this story should have been
a Jane Austen adaptation. Or a Zany Zoe drabble. Or - hang on a second,
something's short-circuited in my brain...]

John Elliott