TTR Drabble: Identity Theft

"Think we're far enough now?" wondered Ben.
Polly looked around cautiously.
"Probably," she conceded. "But perhaps we should take the train to London
"Excuse me," said someone behind her. "Can I borrow that, please?"
Before she could react, whoever it was had taken her precious clipboard
and made a run for it.
"Any idea who that was?" Polly asked.
"She looked like you," Ben said. "Exactly like you."
"Michelle Leuppi!" the pair chorused.
"Shouldn't we try to get after her?" Ben said.
"Why?" Polly grinned broadly. "Let her have a few nights' work experience
first. Or weeks. Or years..."

[ "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.]