MPT3K: Drabble Interlude

"The devil makes work for idle minds"

By "H"

As the soaring, poignant strains of "Book of Life" filled the room, and the
credits rolled, conversation aboard the Satellite of Love was soon heated.

Eventually, Doug stood up, muttering under his breath: 'I can't take this.
You girls have got way too much time on your hands. And it's just plain

Number One tossed her red curls and giggled. 'Prude!' she called out after

'Tight-arse,' Diane snorted.

Nyssa turned to Helen. 'So - what's your choice?' she asked.

Helen grinned. 'Well - I'd go with Zero - but I'd be thinking of Harlock.'

She had to duck the thrown cushions.



A - blame Brad, he's got me hooked on Harlock.

B - the Red Dwarf joke was just too good to pass up.

Tag: after a late night anime session watching Cosmo Warrior Zero in an
attempt to pass the time whilst waiting for the next (long overdue)
installment of bad fanfic, the tedium is beginning to tell on our crew...