It was a quiet evening in This Time Round. King Ycranos and
Sixth were discussing what *really* happened in Mindwarp,
although any fan hoping to learn the truth would have had to
deal with considerable exaggeration from both of them.

Suddenly the door burst open to reveal Prubert Gastridge,
wearing a paper hat with "Prubert's Perfect Pork Products"
written on it, and carrying a hefty joint of meat.

"Did somebody order," he bellowed, "a *LARGE* *HA*..."

Ycranos lept up, "By the skies of Krontep, do you *MOCK* me?
If so, then let this pub *RUN* with *BLOOD*!"

Gastridge glared back at him. "Let it never be said that
Prubert Gastridge, actor, plot device, ocassional deity, and
part-time meat salesman, stood down from such a challenge."
The emotion proved too much for him, and without meaning to he
automatically added "What do you mean, Daniel's *NOT* *DEAD*?"

"Oh, great," said Peri, as the two bearded figures charged at
each other, "It's going to be like that fight with Vultan all
over again. Did *you* order that ham, Doc?"

"Me? I've been vegetarian since The Two Doctors, haven't I?"

"Hmmm. Maybe we should ask Mel about that."

"Um... Perhaps we shouldn't?"

All Doctor Who characters property of the BBC.
"This Time Round" created by Tyler Dion.
Inspired by Prubert's appearance in John Elliot's "The
Speckled Band", and Baby Mel's reaction to this.
The fight between Ycranos and Vultan, King of the Hawkmen
occured in "A Pair of Kings" by K.M. Wilcox.

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