A series of occasional drabbles inspired by a recent webcast and various
online discussions on the ramifications of fan perceptions... ;-) so look
away now if spoilers for "Shalka" are a problem...

I sing the Body Electric
By Helen Fayle
TTR Drabble.

Tonight, the Masters' table was particularly vocal.



'All of 'em.'

'...what they've done to us.'

'Dropped into a black hole by McIntee,'

'Crisped by Holmes.'

'And Russell.'

'Turned into a drooling idiot by Segal,'

'Not forgetting that whole Cheetah thing,'

'A bloody tramp.'

'Did we forget to mention the whole "sodding sewer" fiasco?'

'But this - the Doctor's robotic bitch?? Not even Willis would do that to

They all turned to glare at the newest arrival, comparing faceplates with
the android Sarah.

'I wonder if he has a third setting?' the Thirteenth Doctor sniggered as she
sauntered past.

Tagline: Not for the first time, characters compare notes on how badly they
get treated by the writers.