TTR (TDF): "It's my party."
A Challenge response: "Forty"
By Helen Fayle

The arrangements had been in place for several days.

The whole bar had been as well-hung as the Roberts Master liked to think he
was; streamers, balloons (arranged in suggestive triple combinations along
the walls by Benny) and "Guess Who's 40" banners strung up on top of every
doorway, most of them with compromising photos on the doors.

The "surprise!" entrance went without a hitch, although the First Doctor
had a heart attack when Ssard blew a plastic kazoo in his face.

Which is why it was perhaps unfortunate that they'd allowed Nyssa to
organise the cake.

When it was wheeled in, five feet high and almost three across, they'd
waited... waited...

Finally the Master sauntered over, opened the top and looked in. He gave
Nyssa an approving smile.

'Was Adric inside this _before_ you baked it?' he asked.

She smirked.

Challenge: "Forty"
Author's note: In addition to the birthday theme, there's another link to
the challenge. Let's see who's sharp enough to spot it. <evil grin>
Apologies for nicking the punchline from "Addams Family Values", but I
couldn't resist!