There's something in the air of Nameless as the Tenth Doctor's regeneration
approaches, a sense, a feeling, a shadow.

His ending - his death - approaches, and no-one can say who else will pay the

It will hurt. It always does. Nine times so far, and it always hurts.

A time of darkness.

To win your way through to the end, to return to the light, you must take the
chance, and brave the dark.

But there is danger here. Too little darkness, and the light was regained too
easily. Too much, and it was not worth it. It must be /fitting/ to what is won.

It is perhaps fitting that it happen now, in the depths of winter. A time of
renewal, when the old gives way to the new. The turning of a year - a decade -
when the darkness gives way to the light.

A liminal time. A time of transition.

A time of change.

As to what comes next... There are rumours, hints, and whispers, but Eleventh
and Amy stay in the background.

This is Tenth's time, his final turn in the spotlight.

His last stand.

And his other selves stand ready, to be there when he goes.


Disclaimer: Doctor Who is the BBC's. The 'Round was created by Tyler Dion.