A series of occasional drabbles inspired by a recent webcast and various
online discussions on the ramifications of fan perceptions... ;-) so look
away now if spoilers for "Shalka" are a problem...

I wanna hold your hand.

By Helen Fayle

'I think I'm going to throw up,' Shanka snarled, staring. Kali and Cain were
in the clinches for "Unchained Melody", but this paled into insignificance
next to the blistering pace being set by the Master. At least the sight of
the Thirteenth Doctor playing tonsil hockey was expected, as were Koschei
and Ailla's smouldering moves.

'You think you have a problem?' said the (ex) Tenth Doctor, pointing. 'Until
this bloody webcast is over and certain "theories" laid to rest, look what
_I_ have to look at.'

His double and the black-bearded android swayed dreamily past, lost in each
other's eyes.

Tagline: The promo postcard for "Scream of the Shalka" has caused a lot of
discussion online, and far be it for me to pass up the opportunity for a
cheap gag.