SOTR: Jackson & Partners - Removals

In its way, it was very much a people profession. Sometimes, regrettably
but inevitably, certain people didn't get on with certain other people.
Then more people were hired to resolve the dispute. Such resolutions were
often quick, usually discreet, and invariably permanent.

When Mary Lopez came in with the post, Cap'n Jackson, sometime scourge of
the Seven Seas, was taking his leisure in the usual way. That is, he was
leaning back in his chair with his boots on the desk, toying with a loaded
flintlock pistol. Today he was wearing his eyepatch over his left eye.
"Anything interesting, Pol?" he asked.
She well knew that if he was using that hated nickname, he was bored out of
his skull and trying to get a rise out of her. She restrained her temper.
"There may be, Captain," she said. "This one's from Mr. Kendy. I recognise
the handwriting."
"Is that so? Then hand it over, lass."
Mary did so. The bold captain picked up the hook he kept on his desk for
such purposes, slit the letter open, and glanced swiftly over the contents.
"Ah. Shiver my timbers, this could be just the job we need. I'll have a
word with young McCrimmon directly. But I think I'll spend a few more
minutes with you first, my fine young wench."

A little while later, Mary, having made her escape from the office and
put her hair up again, found herself approaching a door marked COMMON ROOM.
As she walked in, the three occupants set their work aside and rose to their
"Morning, all," Mary said.
She glanced at the two young women - one in a severe black dress, the other
in an equally severe black catsuit.
"Sorry, Tori, Thanata," she said. "Nothing for you just now."
Calmly, both shrugged, and returned to their previous activities. In Tori's
case, this involved cleaning and oiling a high-powered sniper rifle; while
Thanata was, as ever, absorbed in the never-ending exploration of the world of
chemistry, with particular reference to the detrimental effect certain
compounds had on the biochemical balance of humans.
"The Captain would like to see you now, Hamish," Mary concluded.
"Aye? An' jist what would that be for?" the thuggish young man asked.
"A job," Mary said. "Right up your street."
She waited for him to leave the room before doing likewise. She'd seen the
way he gripped his dagger, and had no wish to be used for impromptu target
practice between here and the Captain's office.
"So what's it all about?" Hamish asked over his shoulder, as the two of them
ascended the dusty staircase. "Come on, Mary, spill it. I ken well enough that
ye read the boss's letters upside down."
/And in other positions too/, Mary thought, but knew better than to say it.
"It's another commission from Mr. Kendy," she replied out loud. "Seems that
certain authors are getting too fond of jokes about kilts..."

[ "Doctor Who" is the property of the BBC.
This Time Round was created by Tyler Dion.
Some Other Time Round was created by K. Michael Wilcox.
Day Kendy was created by Daibhid Ceannaideach. ]

John Elliott

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