Imran wrote:

> Oh dear... wonder what Angel made of _that_?

Well, since you asked. :) Apologies to everyone. I seem to be
in a weird metafiction mood.

CAUTION: Contains only tangential Who content as well as
juvenile raunch. You have been warned.


The CEO of Wolfram and Hart's Los Angeles branch took
a sip from his coffee cup and shuddered. With Harmony
out getting her fangs cleaned, Angel had been forced
to scrounge for his regular morning cuppa. His search
had turned up something funky, old, and reptilian:
crocodile, from the taste.

Angel turned his attention back to Charles Gunn, who was
briefing him on the firm's latest legal entanglements,
and tried to ignore Spike, who had turned up uninvited
as usual.

"Why should I loan you out for such a frivolous lawsuit?" he said.
"I don't give a rat's ass about fan fiction. It's free speech, more
or less. Anyway, don't all the targeted authors operate somewhere
out there in long scarves and jelly babies territory? It's not
like their stories affect us directly."

Gunn stretched out his long legs and grinned. "I can give
you three words that might change your mind: Angel. Spike.

Angel and Spike froze. They turned to look at each

"As if."

"Me and Captain Caveman? Not bloody likely."

"The statistics speak for themselves. The alt.drwho.creative
community is inspiring more and more people to write fan fiction.
The more people end up writing fanfic in general, the
more people end up writing Angel/Spike slash in
specific. It's a vicious cycle."

"As much as the thought repulses me, I'm still not
convinced," Angel said. "That's like saying video games
cause teen violence. I don't see a real causal relationship

"Well, then, perhaps this will convince you," said Gunn, flipping
through the folder on his lap. "Ah, here's a good one. Ahem.
'The Ghost with the Most' by Esmerelda Splentiffery. 'William!' screamed
out Angel in ecstasy as Spike thrust his ectoplasmic ."

"As I was saying, we have to stop this madness before it's too
late," Angel said. "Get on it, Gunn. Let's take 'em
down hard."

"Oy, don't say 'hard' around me," Spike said, still
staring aghast at Gunn. You're making me

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