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: TTR: Chain Shop Massacre
: by V. Jewitt

: ?Well, we needn?t worry about that one then,? said the Doctor
: cheerfully. ?I?m sure Zoe will think of something!?

Sorry about this, but you set me off...

TTR: Jamie's Angels
Kentucky Functionary Conditioning
[a double drabble]

"You dealt with the KFC, I take it?" the Second Doctor said.
"Professor Eldred found us a steamroller," Gia explained. "After that it
was all plain sailing."
"A steamroller? Really? Who drove?"
"I did." Victoria smiled modestly. "With Jamie stoking. I wouldn't have
missed it for the world."
"But there's one other thing," Samantha pointed out. She nodded at Zoe,
who was staring blankly into space. "She was working in the shop when it
The Doctor waved his hand in front of Zoe's face. She jerked into life.
"D'youwantfrieswi'that?" she asked in a monotone.
"She's been like it for hours now." Isobel shook her head. "It must be
some sort of brainwashing."
"Well, there's nothing for it, then. She'll need deprogramming." The Doctor
took a notebook. "Let's see, sal volatile, electroshock, one of those spinning
disk things... This is going to be a most delicate procedure, and I shall
require complete-- Jamie, where are you taking Zoe?"
"To the TARDIS," Jamie said. "I'll have her right in two shakes of a lamb's
"Jamie!" The Doctor frowned. "You are not to put Zoe across your knee. You
know that never works." He thought for a moment. "Well, hardly ever."

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