Apologies to Erin Tumilty, who originally concocted 'Adric's Demise' for
her drabble "Sadism".

Post no bills, free the nukes, standard copyright disclaimers apply.

A quick Lunch-Break fic, more or less in the TTR universe.

She came immediately to the bar as soon as she heard the news.

"What's this about you inventing a drink in my honor?" she
demanded from the bartender.

Adric gave her a blank look. "Well, since everyone seems to have
decided that I'm stuck with this job indefinitely, and since that
means I get to decide what can be served here, I thought it was
time to repay the compliment you gave me when you concocted
'Adric's Demise' a few months back."

A few of the regulars began to carefully gather around the
counter at this point, but those who had been standing in closest
proximity to the pair took an immediate step back.

Adric took a bottle of Everclear and poured some into a shot
glass. Then, he took a bottle of brown food coloring, let fall a
few drops into the glass, and mixed.

He pushed the shot glass to her. "There." he said, "A Trakenite

"That's it?" she said, uncertainly.

"Uh huh." he responded. "Small, brown, plain, rather

The 5th Doctor sprayed his Guinness.

"You.. You..." she stammered, from behind clenched teeth.

"Oh, I forgot." he said, arching his eyebrows. "It also has
absolutely no taste."

He barely managed to duck the mallet that had suddenly appeared
in her hand.

As she stormed off, Jamie and Sgt. Benton turned to one another,
nodded, then stepped up to the bar. "Eh, bartender." Jamie
called. "Give us two of those..."

-- DBK
24 March 1999