CAMRA Guide to the Universe

This Time Round

Parking: yes, but limited; road access poor.

Beer: A remarkable selection of real ales, lagers and cider. It is
difficult to pick any for special mention; however, people wishing to
exit with the same form as they entered are advised to avoid any of
the Sidhe brands and stick with October Ale or a brand name they can

Food: moderate to good. While there is a wide range, quality of
cooking is variable. Avoid the poached dinosaur eggs - they can't get
free range - and also avoid anything with toast, the bread is lousy.
Recommended is the roast passenger pigeon and the fried dodo.

Facilities: Good. Real fires in every room, though see notes. Shooting
Range, Garden, Games Room and Dungeon.

Notes: Accepts major credit cards, staff expect tips, people who annoy
staff are likely to get a close encounter with a real fire.
Compared to other trans reality pubs this one is fairly safe to visit
for people with average reflexes. Occasional gunfire but weapons of
mass destruction are frowned on by the management.

Fodor's Guide to Subreality

This Time Round

An interesting place with a wide variety of food and drink. Visitors
can expect to meet interesting people. Survival rate is high to
medium. Points of interest are the dungeon which has the collection
of torture instruments, for demonstrations please make an appointment
with Nyssa, and the car park which usually has a good collection of
antique time travel machines.

Entertainment is limited being mainly confined to karaoke nights and
the rather spectacular murders of Adric. Other events do occur but
are not advertised.