Matt Doctor twangs his braces experimentally. "Hmm..."

"Does it hurt?" Amy asks. "Becoming real, I mean."

Matt turns.

Amy's expression is simultaneously nervous and determined, as if she's about to get a flu jab.

"It doesn't /hurt/..." Matt says. "It's more like... getting filled up. Like you suddenly get all this stuff in your head and it's all /you/, who you are." He pauses, frowns. "Actually, it's kind of weird, now I come to think of it. But it doesn't hurt, it's not a /bad/ thing..."

"What happens?" Amy says. "No. What happens to _me?_ Am I just going to" - she snaps her fingers -"disappear, just like that, am I suddenly going to go solid, what?"

Matt thinks for a moment.

"Couldn't say," he says finally. "It sort of depends on the situation. Did your parents let you come over for the evening? Then it'll be you turning solid. Did you have to stay home? You're going to reappear back home. You're not just going to pop out of existence."

"Thanks," Amy says sarcastically. "_That's_ good to know..."

"It'll be fine." Matt says. "No trouble."

Amy gives Matt a Look.

"Even if you end up back home, we could always phone, right?" Matt says. "Or maybe meet up tomorrow. Up to you, really."

"Let's see what happens, okay?" Amy says.

Matt grins. "Sounds good to me."

Amy eyes him dubiously.

"We'll figure it out as we go." Matt assures her, tugging at his braces. "We always do."

The effect is rather spoiled when his thumb gets caught and he has to extricate it.

"Anyway," Matt says, avoiding Amy's gaze. "Better be going. They'll be waiting in the living room."

"For /you/, or for /us/?" Amy asks.

"Only one way to find out," Matt says, offering her his hand. "Come on."