by Clive May (

Dr Who is copyright BBC.
Zena is copyright to someone or other.
Tyler Dion is the proprietor of the This Time Round.


"Is there a problem?"

"Not exactly," the berobed skeleton replied, fingering the punch card. "I
was wondering if this constitutes one, or fifty."

"Fifty?" exclaimed Adric. He did a quick count of the various implements
of demise protruding from his body. "Thirty?" he inquired hopefully.

"Hmmm? Forty?"

"Thirty five?"

The skeleton eyed the much abused body. "Thirty eight?" it essayed.

"Thirty six?"

"Done!" The punch card was duly punched and handed back. "Ah? I thought
this time it was going to be one of your *sure fire* schemes for avoiding
your persecutor? You don't seem to have done particularly well, if You
don't mind me saying? If it's not an impertinent question...What
went wrong?"

"It was like this..." Adric began.


The festivities were in full swing at the This Time Round. It was a
"special" Masquerade Night, and the regulars were having a high old time.

The Fifth Doctor stepped out of the jumping tavern and loitered on the
steps. He was hoping to catch Adric before he tried to go in. Rassilon
knows! he was up for a lark with the best of them; but this latest prank
was going too far. He was going to warn the boy.

Adric came strolling across the TARDIS park, quite unconcerned. Admiring
the boy's courage, the Doctor moved to head him off.


The Doctor was impressed - the boy had a phenomenal turn of speed.

"It's alright, Adric," the Doctor assured him. "Nyssa's inside,
enjoying the party. You can come out from behind that TARDIS."

Adric stuck his head out and peered all around. Satisfied that
he was in no danger, he stepped out. "Well?"

I have come to warn you. I think they've gone too far this time."

"That's very kind of you, Doctor - but there's no need, really. I Have
A Plan."

"A plan?"

"Yes. A foolproof plan to enable me to enjoy an evening out at the pub
without any risk at all of being killed."

The Doctor looked distinctly doubtful. "No risk at all?"

Adric smiled up at him. "It's alright, Doctor. I fixed the invitations to
the Masquerade so that everyone will be coming as an Adric look-alike.
I'll blend right in. And if that homicidal hellion turns up, I stand at
least a one in fifty chance of not being killed."

The boy grinned smugly at him and strolled nonchalantly on to the doors.

"Adric? Wait!" the Doctor called after him. "I think you should know..."

But Adric only waved a dismissive hand and strolled on to the doors.

The Doctor shrugged. He addressed the tall, robed skeleton waiting
patiently by the TARDIS. "I tried to warn him. Oh well! He'll find out
for himself..."

Adric opened the door. A great wave of music and laughter swelled into the
night. A big smile settled on his face - he was going to enjoy himself
tonight. He stepped inside.

"Hi Gang! I'm?..."

Fifty Nyssa look-alikes, got up like Zena Warrior Princesses, turned in
his direction.

"KILL!" they screamed.

The end.