The Master's XI

The TTR gang have a distinctly unique take on cricket - especially when the Master's heading one of the teams. Our intrepid sports reporter Cyber Moggy reveals all...

Title: Secrets of the Master
Series: The Master's XI
Author: Cyber Moggy
Disclaimer: Doctor Who does not belong to me, it belongs to the BBC.
Author's notes: This was prompted by a couple of stray remarks on
the Mark of the Rani DVD about how much Anthony Ainley loved cricket.

The two men stared at each other across the narrow strip of
well-manicured grass, each of them utterly determined that his team
should prevail. The Master narrowed his eyes as he stared at his blond
adversary, taking in the confident way he tapped his weapon against the

A game involving a lot of people standing in a muddy field, attempting
to hit a small, hard-stuffed leather ball with a fairly thin strip of
willow timber was something only humans could invent.

He bowled the ball.

The five sticks behind the Fifth Doctor toppled.

Secretly, he'd always loved this game.


Title: To observe fair play
Series: The Master's XI
Author: Cyber Moggy
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to the BBC, not to me.
Author's notes: This is a sequel to 'Secrets of the Master'

The Rani looked over to the booth where a shocked Fifth was being
comforted by Sixth. Sixth voiced the comment that had been in
everybody's minds since the whole idea of a cricket match had been
put forward. "Who knew that the Master was so good at cricket?"

How indeed? the Rani thought.

"How do we know he wasn't cheating?" Fifth said suspiciously.

Another good question, the Rani thought.

"Tegan got Adric and the Brigadier to check him for any devices, and
wouldn't let him near the equipment until just before the match,"
Harry volunteered.

"Right," said Fifth. "Series on."


Title: It's a funny old game...
Series: The Master's XI
Author: Cyber Moggy
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to the BBC, not to me.
Author's notes: This is a sequel to 'To Observe Fair Play'

The Master watched from the sidelines, eyes narrowed. First was up to
bat. A wily old bastard, what he lacked in youth, he made up for in
cunning. Benton was bowling, and the Master doubted that he was really
up to the challenge. The others, however, had insisted.

As Benton approached the wickets, the Master squinted at the ball. It
didn't look like the average regulation strip of leather. And it was
the wrong colour for Tegan's practice tennis balls.

Ball connected with bat.

Ball hit the fence.

The resulting concussion knocked most of them flat to the ground.



Title: Sponsorship deals
Series: The Master's XI
Author: Cyber Moggy

Tegan stared up at the wickets, where the Cyber Leader was taking his turn
to bat. Against all expectation, the Cyber Leader was actually very good at
cricket. Then, she stared down at the t-shirt in the Master's hands.

"You don't seriously expect the Cyber Leader to wear that, do you?" Tegan
asked dubiously.

"We need sponsor money, Tegan," the Master replied mildly.

"Yes, but why the Daleks' new business?"

"They wanted to get involved in the only venture that has ever defeated the Doctor."

"The Cybermen won't wear shirts with 'Dalek pest control services - Cybermen a
speciality.'" Tegan predicted.