Just a sidestep from Beauty and the Beast, in which we see just how
far the Master's mischief-making stretches. It was only a throwaway
joke reference to one of the Holmes stories, but left me with this
picture in my head; thought I'd share it.

TTR: Meanwhile, Back in the Barn:
By V. Jewitt

(The Master's storytelling has some strange side effects and sub-

"I'm going to get help! You keep it busy -."

Tegan, standing over Turlough's limp body, as the Giant Robot
advanced, said, "*What*?! How?"

The Doctor, putting his hat back on his head as he ran out, paused.
"I believe Sarah used her - ah - feminine wiles. I'm sure you'll
think of something!"

"I knew he didn't like me," she sighed, then looked at the metal
monster. "So, d'you want to go out for dinner sometime?"

When the Doctor returned, only Turlough remained, still dying with

"Oh dear.."

"I think they're on their honeymoon," said Turlough. "Ow. Argh,