(Basically, a bit of nonsense encapsulating some of fandom's reactions to the
Eleventh Doctor's casting - including a few of my own in there.)

The Eleventh Doctor's features coalesced from the blank face of the Watcher.

The residents of This Time Round /stared/. If there was one thing they /hadn't/
been expecting, it was a Doctor who... well, looked quite so /young/.

"...Hair," Eleventh said finally. "Floppy hair. Okay. /That's/ new." He pushed
it back, out of the way, while looking himself over.

"Not too bad," he said eventually. "Now... let's get a look at the face."

He jumped over the bar, and looked at himself in the mirror. Then he turned to
look at Fitz, examining him thoughtfully, before turning back to the mirror.

Cue the /rest/ of the pub looking at Fitz, noting that Eleventh bore a striking
resemblance to Fitz's preferred 'louche musician' style.

"...They /do/ look similar, don't they?" Anji said, after a short while.

"It's Robert Smith from the Cure!" Ace blurted. "He's gone and regenerated into
bloody Robert Smith from the Cure!"

"Hoi! Hold on a moment! I had nothing to do with this!" Fitz protested. "Blame
the Mafia, not me! /They're/ the ones who cast this guy!"

"I dunno," Eleventh said, grinning. "Could be this is sorta my tribute to you,
sort of thing."

"My coat wasn't enough?!" Fitz said, jabbing a finger over at Ninth. "You've
got to copy my /look/, too?!"

Eleventh grinned. "If you're gonna steal, steal from the best."

Fitz's jaw dropped.

"He's going to be /insufferable/ now," Anji said, crossing her arms. "Thanks,
Doctor. Thanks a /lot/."

Eleventh turned back to the mirror, frowning. "Bit young... I mean, seriously.
If I keep getting younger, I'm gonna end up at H. G. Wells."

This was, truth be told, something that had been on the collective mind of the
/rest/ of the pub, although no-one had yet dared comment.

"Like the hair... face's a bit weird... can't quite put my finger on /what/...
too long, maybe? Too pale?" Eleventh tipped his head from side to side, trying
to see where the weirdness was.

"...Is it just me," Martha said thoughtfully, "or does he look like Tenth's
younger brother?"

Cue the pub's attention turning to Tenth.

"Now you mention it..." Donna said.

"Emo," Destrii said with absolute certainty. "The guy is emo emo emo. If you
asked someone to come up with an emo Doctor, /he's/ what you'd get."

"Hoi!" Tenth protested. "/I'm/ supposed to be the emo Doctor around here!" He
paused, remembering himself. "Well, if you believe the fans."

Destrii grinned toothily. "Guess you've got a challenger, then, don't you? Emo

"Actually..." Evelyn said after due consideration, "he looks like he could be
one of my students."

"He looks like he could be one of /my/ students!" Benny protested. "That's just
not /right/!"

"...Okay," Imran said. "Fairly certain there's something /weird/ about having a
Doctor younger than /me/. I'm not /that/ old..."

"Thanks, Imran..." Daibhid said. "Now /I'm/ feeling old."

"...And I thought /I/ had it bad..." Fifth muttered.


Disclaimer: 'Doctor Who' and characters are the BBC's/BBC Wales.
Evelyn is Big Finish's.
Destrii is Doctor Who Magazine's.
Benny is Paul Cornell's.
(Sorry 'bout this, Daibhid.)