Things That Happened On Midsummer's Night

Prologue: A Midsummer Night's Dream (drabble, non-TTR)

Chapter 1: The Night We Went To Glastonbury By Way Of Goodwin Sands

Chapter 2: Some Fantastic, Far-Off Hotel

Chapter 3: It'll All Come Out In The Wash

Chapter 4: I Don't Care Where The Water Goes

Chapter 5: Reading Between The Lines

Chapter 6: They Can Look You Right In The Face And Still Lie (or 'The Flying Inn')

Chapter 7: The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

Chapter 8: Where Another Man Might Stop

Chapter 9: Heavy, Violent, Abusive and Aggressive

Chapter 10: Helping The Police With Their Inquiries

Chapter 11: I Would Be Busy Too

Epilogue: Good news yet to hear (drabble, non-TTR)