TTR: Mirror, Mirror
by John Elliott

So, I'm supposed to believe what it says in the /Daily Mirror/ about a new
Doctor being cast, am I? Then so be it...


"A double hydrogen plasma, please."
The Third Doctor and James Bond, who had been having a quiet game of
poker, both turned to look at the new arrival. The white glow... The
shapeless robes... The fact that his feet didn't touch the floor...
"A Watcher." the Doctor muttered.
"A what?" Bond sounded as if he wasn't really paying attention. His
eyes were fixed on the Watcher's face.
"They sometimes show up if a Time Lord's going to regenerate. A sort of
backwards echo in time of the next incarnation. Usually it means the
The Doctor realised that Bond wasn't listening. He turned to his guest
and waved a hand in front of his face. "Is something the matter, my dear
chap?" he asked.
Bond's voice seemed to come from a long way away. "I killed him."
He turned to the Doctor. "And now he's come back to haunt me. I never
thought I'd see a ghost. I'd killed so many people, and never once... And
why does it have to be him?" He gestured at the Watcher, who was seated
peacably in a corner with a glass of something glowing, and shivered.
"I never thought I'd see 006 again."