by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND created by Tyler Dion, after Kielle
TO DIE FOR fostered by D B Killings and B K Willis
KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND SPACE is all mine. ...Hey wow.

Even when on duty, Adric always looked up to see who it was when the
door to This Time Round opened. It was nearly the end of his shift - the end
of the grace period which the other TTR patrons had demanded of Nyssa - when
the strangers arrived.
One was a tall skinny blonde woman who looked almost, but not quite,
exactly unlike Romana Two. She wore a replica of Doctor Seven's outfit, but
with the question mark motif replaced by ankhs, even to the umbrella
handle. She strode directly to the table where the Doctors were drinking
and was greeted by them in the same manner as they always greeted each
other (loudly and with bad grace).
The other stranger Adric looked at twice. Aside from his outfit - made
of a silvery, shiny fabric; styled to resemble a medieval suit of armor - he
was Adric's mirror image. This fellow, spotting Adric behind the bar,
immediately advanced upon the Alzarian with a smile.
"Sir Pelleas of the Round Table," he said, as Adric shook his proffered
"Hello," said Adric, none the wiser.
"From Gadzikowski's 'King Arthur in Time and Space' stuff," Pelleas
explained. "I'm in the Arthur version of QUONDAM FUTURUSQUE, which starts
being serialized on his website on Friday."
"Oh!" said Adric. "Pleased to meet you. Get you anything?"
"Oh, a port. Or a mead. Something medieval like that."
"Better not let Polly see you," said Adric, as he served. "You're not
exactly an alt.drwho.creative character."
"As you say," said Pelleas. "But I just wanted to drop by and let you
know, even though I'm given what are Ace's lines in the original version of
the story, you're the character whose face the author sees on me."
"I can see that," said Adric.
"So even though you died a pointless death as a contradictory, poorly
developed, almost universally loathed character," said Pelleas, "a part of
you lives on in me - a knight, a future king ... and the bloke who gets
Merlin's bird after he's gone." He winked and pointed at his companion, who
was arguing some obscure point of Malorian continuity with Doctor Eight.
Adric looked her over again. Distracted by the memory of some fantasies
about Romana he'd entertained during their overlap in the TARDIS, he was
brought back by the sound of the door. Nyssa had entered, eyeing her watch
and hefting some ugly, substantial space-opera pistol. Adric ducked behind
the beer tap. It was less than a minute until he was fair game.
"I say, as long as you're there," said Pelleas, oblivious to Adric's
panic, pushing the glass of port away with a sour face, "pull me a Miller
"Sure." Adric kept his eye on Nyssa as her eyes scanned the bar. Keeping
behind cover, he slid Pelleas his beer just as Nyssa spotted the space knight
- and across her face broke an Evil Grin(tm).
*She thinks he's me,* Adric thought. *She's going to shoot him instead!*
Adric instantly dismissed any notion of nobly disabusing Nyssa of her
misapprehension for Pelleas' sake. There was no way Pelleas could actually
come to any genuine harm as a result of events in This Time Round. Pelleas
was a centuries-old character from British mythology (Adric suddenly knew
this with the selective omniscience that was peculiar to This Time Round
occupants), only here to plug his slumming around on some fanfic geek's
website. Adric, on the other hand, had no life any more *but* This Time Round
(at least till Killings wrote more PHOENIX), and preferred to hold onto that
life for as great a percentage of the time as possible.
It was fifteen seconds until shift change as Pelleas raised his glass
and Nyssa, still at the doorway as if she meant to kill Adric on her way to
more important business elsewhere, raised her weapon. If she'd only just off
Pelleas and leave, Adric would be safe ...
"Huh," came the voice of Francois, from somewhere behind Adric, the
Ogron having arrived to take the next shift. "Who is twerp-lookalike in laser
*Laser armor*?
The clock struck the hour. Nyssa clenched her trigger finger. A tight
beam of visible light issued from her weapon, striking Pelleas on the
sleeve of his forearm closer to her, and bouncing thence off the reflective
fabric of his clothing behind the bar past the beer tap to strike Adric in
the center of the chest.
"Bugger," said Adric.