TTR: Mostly Armless (Drabble)

"And this is Donna," said Tenth.
Donna cautiously held out a hand to the grinning, hook-nosed, goggle-eyed
adventurer, who kissed it.
"Ahhh," Captain Rum exclaimed with gusto. "You have a woman's hand, milady!"
"So? In case you haven't noticed, I happen to be a human female. Or
alternatively, a woman. Just what else would you expect?"
"Round here," Tenth hastily explained, "Nothing's certain. There's
Cassandra for a start."
"Talking about me behind my back? How charming." The frame of stretched
skin turned to face them. "As you see, unlike you I no longer have the
luxury of hands."

[Google groups appear to be defective at the moment, so I can't tell if
this is Donna's first visit to the Round, or not.

"Doctor Who" and "Blackadder" are the property of the BBC.

"Nebulous" was written by Graham Duff.

This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.]

John Elliott