TTR: Elementary, My Dear Polly.

The tall figure with the shock of dark hair strode into the 'Round,
wrapping his scarf as he did so.

"Hold it!" called Polly. The man stared at her.

"Yes? Sorry? Can I help you?" he snapped.

"You can't come in unless you've been in a Doctor Who fanfic."

The man's scowl grew worse. "You're asking if I've been in a Doctor Who
fanfic? Really? I've been in official Doctor Who fiction. Or, as I prefer
to think of it, the Doctor's been in *my* fanfic. Sherlock. Holmes. Does
'All-Consuming Fire' ring any bells?"

Polly sighed. "I know who you are, Mr Holmes. And you aren't *that*
Sherlock Holmes, who is sitting over there with Dr Watson." She guestured
to a figure in an Inverness cape.

Sherlock sighed even more deeply than Polly. "Who says?" he demanded,
"How do you know he's that Sherlock Holmes, and I'm not? How do you know
that this," he waved an arm at the nearest crossover character, "is the
John Carter of Mars who appeared in the crossover, and not a slightly
different John Carter from a different medium? Can you really be sure?
Can you?"

"Yes," Polly replied crossly.

Sherlock sighed again. Some people were just too stubborn to confuse.

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