Aaargh... Can't... get... poem... out... of... head...

Diana smote down Eric;
Douglas laid Tyson low;
Right into Darren's stomach
Adricius sent a blow.
"Lie there!" he cried, "fell WANKER!
No more, aghast and pale,
Shall people scatter near and far
On hearing thy atrocious car
No more the local passers-by
Will groan in horror when thy spy
Its oil-bedizened trail."

But hark! the cry is Catbert;
And lo! the ranks divide;
And the HR Director
Comes with his stately stride.
The whole department's payroll
Clangs loud upon his back;
He bears a memo in his paw
To give his staff the sack.

He smiled on those Alzarians
A smile serene and high;
He eyed the flinching Nyssans,
And scorn was in his eye.
Quoth he, "The swamp-rat's litter
Stand savagely at bay:
But will ye dare to follow
If Catbert clears the way?"

Then, whirling up his memo
With both paws to the height
He rushed upon Adricius
And smote with all his might...

John Elliott