Little Foot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike trudged over the last rise,
and all four juvenile saurians drank in the vista before them.
"The Grand Valley," Little Foot breathed.
"This is it, you guys," said Cera, pointing with all her horns. "This is
what we've been looking for."
"And we've come such a looong waaay." Ducky seemed about ready to break
"It's over now," Petrie put a wing around Ducky to comfort her, while
Spike just grinned.
"But wait," said Cera. "I mean, look - there's a settlement, there are
already people here. What if they don't like us, just the same as those other
"Then," said Little Foot, drawing his sword from his scabbard and his
six-shooter from his holster, "we'll kick their freakin' mammal arses."

-- "The Badlands Before Time", BKWillis and Don Bluth