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:> [1] And yes, I have gone to the trouble of working out zaniform equivalent
:> titles for the other five Jane Austen novels as well.

: So...? Now, come on, give us the rest!!

If you insist, then...

Farcical Fanny and the Maniacs of Mansfield
Antic Annie and the Perils of Persuasion
Madcap Marianne and the Sensibility of Silliness
Loony Lizzy and the Pitfalls of Prejudice
Crazy Cathy and the Numbskulls of Northanger

On the subject of the latter, giving due consideration to a certain scene
in /The Seeds Of Death/, I present an

ADWC Crossover from Hell (#5?)

She resolved, therefore, on making her next approach to the forbidden door
alone. The day was bright, her courage high; the sun was now two hours
above the horizon, and nobody would mark her.
The lock yielded to her hand, and the door flew open. But alas for poor
Catherine! At once there flowed forth a stream of foam so strong and so
abundant that she was swept quite away, and had she not caught onto the
banisters she would surely have found herself deposited at the foot of the
principal staircase.
While she yet endeavoured vainly to pull herself to her feet, she heard
the sound of hurrying feet approaching, and in a few moments Henry Tilney
stood before her.
"Miss Morland!" he exclaimed. "How came you here?"

-- from "Crazy Cathy and the Numbskulls of Northanger", by Zany Zoe and
Jane Austen.