Name Checks
Helen Fayle

Spoilers for PT2, A certain plot development in BBC EDA's, and functions
as a TTR teaser for "Grrl Power", coming soon to a server near you...
;-) (and the author's attempt to be the first person to get a certain
new character into a fanfic...) {snurk}


Harry stopped the young, smartly dressed woman as she tried to come in
the door.

'I'm sorry miss - can't you read? Official companions, author avatars,
or crossover characters who've appeared in non TTR crossover fiction
only.' From the back of the bar Buffy and Willow waved gaily, before
going back to an animated conversation with several japanese schoolgirls
and a young red haired woman with muscles like a horse, and a tatoo of
the Confederate flag on her arm.

'But... I *am* an official companion - see?' She brandished a piece of
paper with the BBC logo on it under Harry's nose. 'I've got an Official
Character Outline.'

'So have I,' Sam said on her way past, heading for the loo. 'Look where
that got *me*...' Compassion sniggered and turned it into a cough. Her
T-shirt changed to read "I [heart] Lawrence Miles" on the front and
"Spellcheckers are only as good as the operator" on the back. With a
smirk, she gestured, and Sam's t-shirt front now read "insert this
month's fashionable protest here".

'Not until next year... Anji isn't it?' Harry said gently to the new
arrival, frowning warningly at Compassion, who just sat back and looked
smug. Her T-shirt now read "Lawrence Miles made me the woman I am
today." Sam's T shirt back read "Clap if you [heart] Uncle Tewwy", in
neon green letters.

'It's *Angji*, actually. And what about *them*?' She pointed at the
table where Lesley, Amaryllis and a now subdued Lolita were sitting, all
looking a little rough. 'They aren't canon!'

Harry shrugged. 'They got the amendment passed last week: Jade Pagoda
directive 14531, amemdment 4, clause 2 (February 2000): Since discussion
of official fanfic collections is now a valid topic, Fanfic characters
are allowed in if they appear in "Official" fanfic collections. Perfect
Timing and Tales of the Solar System count. But I'm sorry, we still
don't take post-dated name checks.'