Never The Twain.

If there was one thing the Proprieter of This Time Round
really hated, it was arriving in his office and finding a Don
in the Author Mafia waiting for him.

"Have you read the new rules governing the Whoniverse?"

"Yeah, but they don't apply here, surely? I mean, it'd be like
a caste system."


The Proprieter sighed. "So let me get this straight. Jack and
Tosh and that lot can interact with the regulars..."

"...We'd prefer the interaction with Torchwood operatives who
*haven't* met the Doctor be kept to a minimum, but yes."

"And Sarah Jane and the kids can also interact with the

"To an extent."

"But Sarah Jane's group can't interact with Jack's group?"

"Can't even aknowledge their existence. It's the rules."

Official Absentee of EU Skiffeysoc
"There *is* no Niels, the Bouncing Cat! He's gone!
Now, there is only ... P-Cat, the Penitent Puss!"