The Twice, No Future King

Written for the "The End" challenge.

Two King Arthurs were sitting at the bar in This Table Round, the tavern
outside KAITOS continuity.

"Well, this puts me at a bit of a loose end," one commented. The other Arthur,
the one from before history changed, shrugged. He'd been at a loose end anyway.

"So what are we going to do about it?" he asked.

"Nothing we can do, surely? Except wish Paul the best of luck with his new

The original Arthur jerked his head at a third, younger King Arthur, who seemed
bewildered at his surroundings.

"We could blame him," he suggested.

King Arthur in Time And Space created by Paul Gadzikowski
Arthur, King of Time And Space also created by Paul Gadzikowski
This Table Round created by, yes, Paul Gadzikowski, after This Time Round
created by Tyler Dion.

Seriously, sorry to see the gang go, but the new strip looks intriguing.
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