"Who're you?"

"I'm Xena's son, Solon."

"You're not old enough to drink."

"You must be Adric," Solon said, "They told me about you."

"THEY did?! THEY? Who's they?"

"Just they," Solon shrugged, his long hair waving off his shoulders, "Look,
really all I want is some goat's milk."

Adric blinked, "Oh, in that case we have some right...ght...." He looked on
the shelf, "HERE!" He grabbed a leather skin container. He handed to the boy.
Who looked at him. Solon made a gesture as though he wanted a glass. Adric put
one on the table and laughed, "Didn't know you ...."

"Were that civilized?"

Adric put his elbows on the table, "Yeah, thought you came from the past."

"Yeah I did but I died."

"How'd you do it?" Adric asked.

"I didn't. It was just there was this little blond girl and..."

"Not die. How'd you escape the hatred of a dozen thousand fans?"

"Don't know really. I was young and innocent."

"Hmmm, I was...unfortunately."

A boy sitting on a bar stool overheard them and moved forward to their area,


"Who're you?" Adric asked.

"Barry. I think I'm not really hated. I mean I started out annoying in the
first few adventures but then I sort of stayed quiet until I had something to

"With me it was quite the reverse," Adric said.

"As I see it, you're both lucky. I was only around in a few short episodes,"
Solon said, "I never even got to be evil after getting sucked into an alternate

"You've been talking to the others here?" Adric asked.

"Sure," Solon said. "Anyway so long."