by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Keille

"Maturity," said the Doctor, "is knowing when to allow the other fellow
to be wrong."
"And you know all about that," said Fitz.
The Doctor didn't turn at the sound as someone else entered This Time
Round and slammed the door, but at the sound of several gasps that
immediately followed. He saw Doctor Six and Peri there, their backs pressed
up against the closed door as ones being pursued by demons from hell. They
each sported at least one visible bruise, and their clothing had been clawed
and tattered. Peri, as tends to happen in this author's humor pieces, was
quite indecent.
"It's like a war zone out there!" bellowed Doctor Six.
The Doctors converged on him and walked him to the bar where Harry
poured him a brandy, while the girl companions present tried - to only
moderate success - to come up with enough spare wardrobe between them to
cover Peri.
"What happened?" asked Doctor Two.
"Daleks?" asked Doctor Five.
"Dominators?" asked Doctor One.
"Daltrenays?" asked Doctor Four.
Doctor Six slugged the brandy shot down and shook his head. "No," he
choked out, "we just had to go through all the other threads on the newsgroup
to get here."
"Oh, dear."
"Oh, no."
"Oh yes," said Doctor Six, waving to Harry for a refill, "it's like radw
out there."