[TTR] Off-beat
By Molly Schlemmer

Doctor Who blah blah blah... BBC blah blah blah... Not mine blah
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Certain alien writings that would give part of the joke away to
mention here created and owned by the late Douglas Adams :(
TTR concept by Tyler Dion, inspired by Kielle
Peri Arc by da man with da plan, Paul Gadzikowski
TDF is the evil brainchild of Douglas B. Killings & Brad Willis

Hello all. This "story" can be completely blamed on my current bout
of raging writer's block. Any mistakes, typos, or goof ups can be
blamed on the writer's block too. Reality TV, the Leaning Tower of
Pisa's leaning, and John Travolta making a movie of Battlefield: Earth
can be blamed on my writer's block as well.


[TTR] Off-beat

'Twas Poetry Night at the pub called This Time,
The usual events they did now forgo,
For the cool cat pleasures of rhythm and rhyme,
In an authentic beatnik poetry show.

Yes, sad but true, they did follow through,
With the plans the Doctor(s) laid out.
They all dressed in black; berets were their hats,
Even Francois wore a beau chapeau.

The Doctor(s) went first. It was only right,
That he (they) read to his (their) beloved wife,
(Through each regeneration shifting-like):
"She walks in Beauty, like the night."

Peri glowed with the love that she shared,
With her Time Lord spousal coterie.
The audience cheered, but the Valeyard did jeer,
So the Ogron threw him out on his heinie.

Harry Sullivan went next, but was quickly removed,
And crudely told to shut it.
The poem he started was just slightly uncouth:
"There once was a man from Nantucket."

Nobody expected the next act that came,
Free verse by Mr. Moggie,
Read aloud by Francois. Moggie's poetry was lame;
The audience grimaced and clapped politely.

But Poetry Night came abruptly to an end,
With slight Nyssa still standing on the stage.
"A poem," she had said, "by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz."
And the audience, they all ran away.

All ran except one, an unfortunate one,
Stuck still by the seat of his pants,
With super glue. Psycho Nyssa had won.
Poor Adric never had a chance.

Death groaned aloud and put down his drink,
And pulled out his ticket punch.
When Adric's in 'Round, Death suddenly did think,
He never got to finish his lunch.

Then current events made Death laugh heartily;
He had never seen a death by Vogon poetry.


Molly ;)

One Timelash, two Timelash, three Timelash, DOOR!!!