[TTR] Officialdom

"So, tell me," ShalkaDoc sneered, as he read the news on BBC Online,
"Given that your career is going to last only marginally longer than mine,
what *exactly* makes you the Official Ninth Doctor? After all, I was the
Official Ninth Doctor once."

Ninth considered. "I've been on proper telly." he offered.

"So have they," ShalkaDoc responded, jerking a head at the CoFD Coterie,
"And they never got to be Official at all. You need to to do better than

"I've got a proper series, not just a one-off like the rest of you."

ShalkaDoc shook his head, "I wouldn't let Eighth hear you say *that* was
the criteria."

Ninth took another peek at the newspage. "I'm gonna regenerate into the
Official Tenth."

"But he's only the Official Tenth if you're the Official Ninth," his other
self smirked.

Ninth leant back and folded his arms. "Basically," he said, "I'm the
Official Ninth Doctor because the Beeb and the fans say I am. All right?"

ShalkaDoc scowled, "Whatever."

Official Absentee of EU Skiffeysoc
"Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!"
-The Ninth Doctor