It's been a while since I last posted one of these. In fact, by
my count it's been about two months since last I posted anything
new. So, here it goes.


One Little Word
A This Time Round: To Die For quick lunchbreak fic

"Those friends of yours have been most annoying lately." She
explained from atop the pit, looking down. "Honestly, providing
you with shields and body guards and other forms of protection.
You're all making it so much more difficult for me to accomplish
my task."

Adric looked around at the room to which he had been cast. All
about was a formidable wall of forcefields, electrified fences,
and good-old-fashioned iron bars, beyond which sat the most
fearsome assortment of beasts, monsters, and genetic experiments
gone awry that he had ever seen. Over here was an acid-blooded
Alien, over there a haughty Balrog; there were Predators,
tentacled blood-sucking octupi, a slavering three-headed dog, a
pair of drunken Australian rugby fans, the odd Tyrannosaurus Rex,
and many other creatures too slimy, tentacled, sharply clawed, or
otherwise loathsome to contemplate. Overall, it looked to be a
fairly ominous lot.

Adric shrugged it off. "Guess I'm dead." he said nonchalantly.
He said this as he began to examine the underside of his
fingernails, then used his thumbnail to pry loose some of the

"Yes, this time there should be no doubt." She brought out the
remote control with a flourish, to let him know the time for his
doom was near, then looked down. "Are you, umm, quite ready to
die yet?"

"I don't suppose I have a choice, do I?"

She shook her head, emphatically. "No, no you don't." Her face
suddenly changed. "Any, umm... any last words?" she asked

Adric looked up, but his face was blank. "Oh, just one." came
the offhanded reply.

Then he smiled. "Guyver!"

1 September 1999

Ok, ok, yes this is another anime-crossover. For those who don't
know, Guyver is a type of pseudo-organic-but-extremely-tough
battle armor. It activates when the wearer shouts "Guyver!".

Copyright notice:
"Doctor Who" copyright BBC, "This Time Round" copyright Tyler
Dion, "Bio Booster Guyver" copyright Bandai Entertainment.
Original story (if you can call it that) copyright me,