On My Way...

The customers and staff at This Time Round looked up as a strange figure entered. He wore a frock coat, two bowties and a purplish grey trilby set at a jaunty angle. This was far from eccentric clothing for the Round, of course. Even the second bowtie wasn't that unusual.

No, what attracted attention was that the figure was three feet tall. More than that, he had an ovular head with big, round, cartoon eyes, and his "skin" was orange fabric.

He was, in short, a puppet, and moreover a design of puppet that the regulars who grew up in English speaking countries after 1970 found very familiar. Many of the companions in particular found it hard to keep a straight face at the sight.

Sixth scowled. "What *is* it with Ceannaideach and parody characters anyway?" he wondered.

"Hmm," the figure said, looking round in puzzlement, "There must be a problem with the numerical stabilisers in the TWODIS." He walked up to the bar, clambered onto a bar stool and, to Francois's surprise, addressed himself to Mr Moggie.

"Excuse me, old chap, I appear to be lost. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"

This Time Round created by Tyler Dion
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