TTR / TDTO: The Other Side of the Argument

(Featuring the H G Wells Society for the Protection of Fast Food
Outlets – HGSPFFO, so generally known as SP(O)FFO.)


“So,” said Mr Maxil, striding up and down the line of teenagers
wearing guilty expressions, paint-splattered clothes and variously
holding pots of red paint and brushes. “This is what it’s come to, is
it? Our pupils spotted out of school doing good works? Somehow I
suspect not.”

Peri looked at her paintbrush. “Somebody tell him.”

“It was for Technology,” lied Tegan.

Turlough nodded eagerly. “Yes, we’re learning DIY.”

“Is there something wrong with that?” asked Nyssa so innocently that
even Maxil was nearly deceived.

Maxil considered for a moment and then said, “And I don’t suppose by
any chance that you were – oh, let me guess – trying to disguise one
of those KFCs infesting Nameless?”

“No,” said Adric sulkily. “It was a Burger King. Can’t you tell the

Everyone glared.

“Caught red-handed,” sighed Mel, looking at the paint on her

The acting head teacher folded his arms. “Right, that’s it. I want
that greasy excuse for a restaurant burned to the ground!”

None of them knew where to start, so he took charge. “Matches at the
ready, everyone… Now!”


Later, he gave them detention for committing arson. After all, he
couldn’t encourage that sort of behaviour, could he?


Usual disclaimers - Doctor Who is copyright of the BBC.
TTR was thought up by Tyler Dion and TDTO by Paul Gadzikowski