"The Proprietor," observed Chang Lee, "does _not_ look good in a
vinyl minidress."

"True," mused Adric. "But I think the larger question is why he
even _owns_ a vinyl minidress in his size."

Scowling, Francois the Ogron admonished, "Not to be asking
questions no person want answered, dead boy."

They all found better things to look at as the Proprietor clumped over
to them, tugging his hemline down. "Well," he growled, "we're off
to the Steel Maiden, then, since you lot aren't loyal enough to
accompany us." As he spoke, he was joined by Neimi the android,
who'd traded her maid uniform for a lumberjack outfit.

Adric sighed. "I'm loyal enough to warn you that your 'covert
espionage' against the Steel Maiden will get you killed."

"Bah! It's a lesbian bar. What'll they do, wear sensible shoes at us?
Besides, our disguises are _perfect_."

"Um, you still have your mustache," Lee pointed out.

"Exactly. I'll blend right in!" With that, he and Neimi-in-flannel
boldly sallied forth.

An hour later, they sallied back.

"Don't say it," the Proprietor groaned as Adric applied splints and
bandages. "I realize my mistake this time."


"Yep. I should've worn a Melissa Ethridge t-shirt instead..."


'Doctor Who' is property of the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion, after Kielle.

Archivist's Notes:
Type(s): Drabble; Steel Maiden
Blurb: The Proprietor fails to learn a lesson about stereotyping.