TTR: Outside Temptation

Following her latest adventure, Sarah Jane retreated to the Round and
ordered a large drink.

"What was I *thinking*?" she muttered to herself. "I mean, going back in
time and saving my parents! Surely *anyone* who's travelled with the
Doctor knows better than that!"

"Hey! That's not fair!"

"What?" Sarah spun round. She hadn't realised she was talking aloud. "Oh,
sorry. I didn't mean *you*..."

"Yeah, well," said Rose, "Just count yourself lucky the Trickster stopped
the Reapers coming through. Anyway, we're Outside now."

"What does *that* have to do with anything?" asked Sarah, just as the
door opened.

"Oh, hello, Sarah Jane," said Barbara Smith. "What do you know about
these 'health drinks' the Mr Tylers are selling? They just look like
fizzy pop to me..."

"All those with psychokinesis, raise my hand."
The Room With No Doors, Kate Orman