A Pair of Kings

Glancing through the archive, I couldn't find a TTR story that had made the obvious joke, so I did it.

Space had been cleared.
"Die!" Yrcanos screamed.
"Die!" Vultan screamed. The two large, bearded monarchs ran at each other, heads lowered. With a resounding crash, they collided. They staggered back, shook it off, and screamed again.
"What are they doing?" Nyssa asked.
"Who knows?" Peri sighed.

Two hours later, the kings collided for the... even they had lost count.They were staggering more now, and it took several minutes for them torecover. They screamed hoarsely, and Yrcanos fell flat on his back.
The Brigadier applauded. "Congratulations! Let me buy you a drink.Barkeep, chap with wings, five rounds rapid!"