written for the "Wolves" challenge

Chris Cwej wandered idly through the Annual Cross-Continuity Police Convention.
As he passed Sean O Lochlainn's lecture on "Forensic Sorcery", he spotted

He remembered meeting a 20th century Mountie last year who looked exactly like
him, except for having dark hair. This guy was red-haired, and wore medieval
armour, as did the blonde woman next to him, who looked like Roz, only white
and younger.

"Hello," the man said. "For a moment I thought you were Benton Fraser."

"You've met him too?" said Chris, "Nice guy. Having a wolf for a partner's a
bit weird, though."

"Really." said the blonde.

Adjudicator Chris Cwej created by Andy Lane, Captain Carrot Ironfounderson and
Sergeant Angua Von Uberwald created by Terry Pratchett. Sean O Lochlainn is
from the "Lord Darcy" stories by Randall Garrett. Sergeant Benton Fraser, RCMP,
belongs to Alliance Communication. All used without permission. If any of them
are reading this, sorry.

Carrot's encounter with Fraser is in "Due Rimward", by Paul E. Jamison:

(Summary: At a metafictive get-together Chris puts his foot in it)
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