"That lezzy-bar lady got the best of you again, did she?" Mad
Sheila commisserated as they lay in the afterglow of monetarily-
expedited coitus. Her relationship with the Proprietor was an odd
one -- more than business, less than love -- but it suited them both
very well: the prostitute of unsound mind and the publican of
unsound ethics.

"Why d'you say that?" he growled from his side of the bed.

She shrugged and went back to writing quatrains about Martian
caribou on her foot. "You were kinky. You always get kinky after
you lose at something. That, and the bruises on your hurty-bits
clued me in."

"Meh. I'll crush the Steel Maiden yet!"

"No you won't, dearie." She switched feet -- it looked like she'd
run out of writing-space before she ran out of things to say about
extraterrestrial ruminants. "Not until you change tactics and stop
trying to use violence and sabotage against someone who's better
at them than you. Play to your strengths, not your enemy's."

The Proprietor eyed her narrowly. "Since when are demented
harlots so perceptive?"

"The moniker is 'Mad Sheila', not 'Stupid Sheila'," she retorted.
"Now give me a rhyme for 'antlers' that will fit on my pinky-toe..."


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