A series of occasional drabbles inspired by a recent webcast and various
online discussions on the ramifications of fan perceptions... ;-) so look
away now if spoilers for "Shalka" are a problem...

Pop Culture Preferences
By Helen Fayle

Love, it seemed, was in the air. Cain and Kali were slowdancing to "Lady in
Red", and even Jason and Benny had been looking cosy.

So it couldn't last.

Francois pointed at the new arrivals. 'Hey - we don't serve their kind in

The Ninth Doctor looked at his companions. Sarah and the Master shrugged.
'We'll wait outside.'

'Oi Fat boy!' the Ogron boomed, pointing at Sabbath, who was trying to sneak
his baboon past the Jacobi Master. 'No monkeys..'

He trailed off nervously, as the bar fell silent.

There was a very quiet "ook" from beside the peanut dish.


Tagline: A very hairy Star Wars joke is suggested by recent events in a
certain webcast, and Francois forgets about a crossover character who's been
a regular for some time.