This Time Round: Polly's Quiet Night Off (Drabble)
By V. Jewitt

Since the Second Doctor had volunteered to cover for Polly, the First
felt obliged to do the same. After promising Polly that he wouldn't
abuse the rules, tear her list or admit any strangers, she thanked
him, grabbed Ben, and ran.

Harry arrived late, to find that the Round was deserted. "What's
going on?"
Adric sighed. "The First Doctor's on the door."
"No villains, aliens, crossovers, dead people, no one not seen in the
TV series, no duplicates, alternates, psychopaths, troublemakers, tin
dogs, authors..."
Just Susan, Vicki, Ian and Barbara.
"It's quiet," said Harry fairly.
Adric sighed. "Too quiet..."